When clients work with multiple maintenance companies, RGS + delivers clear data streams because everyone delivers data in the same way. The management function allows the data from all projects to come together smoothly in one portal. The client always has a good overview of the costs and qualities and of his possession via the dashboard. Other information is also included: which agreements are there, when must something be done, has a condition measurement already been carried out and, if so, what are the actions to be taken? A client has all this information quickly and clearly at hand.

RGS + is the solution for organizations that manage large or multiple real estate objects and want to guarantee that they maintain their real estate at minimal costs. Think about:

Housing cooperatives
Investment companies with real estate
Healthcare institutions with real estate

  • Get started right away

    RGS+ ensures that the steps you have to take are already predefined. This way you won’t have to spend extra time on format, design, layout etc. You can get started with the content right away; entering the project data.

  • Comparing scenarios

    Scenarios can be compared between themselves and viewed with a cumulative chart. If desired the data can be passed on to net present value. As this process is automated, it will save a lot of time.

  • Clear overview

    The overview will be shown with a nice and clear layout.

  • Everything available online

    Everything is available online, meaning all the involved parties can look at it at any moment.

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