We are available on weekdays between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Due to agreements outside the office, we may not be able to answer immediately. You will always be helped by e-mail via email.

Do you have complex questions, need process advice or do you want to refresh your knowledge of RGS +? Then a training or consultation is the solution for you!

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RGS + supports its customers through its own support desk.

As a user you can directly contact one of our employees directly with your questions about RGS +.

We can be of the best service to you by watching from a distance. You can use TeamViewer for this.

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    The benefits of E-support

    The support is provided by the developer himself. This is practically only possible via e-mail. You do not have to first present your problems to a help desk employee, but you are right with the right person. Images, screenshots and attachments can easily be used to explain your problem.

    Use of examples, screenshots and attachments
    Calling back in absence is not necessary
    Urgent problems are given priority
    You can continue to work while waiting for your answer
    The answer can be (re) read quietly

    The knowledge of the help desk employee is limited, as is his influence on the software.

    E-mail is really more convenient than telephoning, also for you!

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