Result Focused Collaboration

to maintain real estate as smartly as possible

RGS stands for Result Oriented Collaboration and originated from RGVO (Result Oriented Property Maintenance) and other performance-based derivatives. The aim is to manage planned maintenance based on functional requirements based on price / performance, whether or not prior to a renovation. Creativity and experience can be exploited by thinking in alternatives and by coming to the right approach.

“The power of Result Oriented Cooperation is looking at how real estate can be maintained as smartly as possible over a number of years, with various scenarios.”

What is RGS +

RGS + is a cloud application that makes it possible to work in a targeted manner with multiple parties. Different parties can log in and enter their data. The client therefore always has real-time insight into all data and status of the projects (complexes) in one system.

RGS + distinguishes itself from other RGS software by a good multi-year forecast with different scenarios. The client determines the quality, invites parties to enter their input and immediately has a total overview that he can monitor. This ensures the entire process. If something is changed somewhere, it is immediately implemented everywhere and “version control” is a thing of the past.

RGS + automates the entire RGS project and is therefore much more than document storage. It is a piece of support in the process steps that must be followed in order to achieve a good result. It starts with making a project definition, then the strategy is determined. If all steps are followed, nothing can be forgotten. It also helps companies enormously. So good, in fact, that RGS + is used by companies that want to achieve the VGO quality mark, the label that shows that a company has the competencies for Result-Oriented Cooperation.

“For companies that want to collaborate with other parties in a result-oriented way, RGS + software is a must have!”

  • Get started right away

    RGS+ ensures that the steps you have to take are already predefined. This way you won’t have to spend extra time on format, design, layout etc. You can get started with the content right away; entering the project data.

  • Comparing scenarios

    Scenarios can be compared between themselves and viewed with a cumulative chart. If desired the data can be passed on to net present value. As this process is automated, it will save a lot of time.

  • Clear overview

    The overview will be shown with a nice and clear layout.

  • Everything available online

    Everything is available online, meaning all the involved parties can look at it at any moment.

Do you also want to maintain your property in a smarter way?

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